Well, with 17 weeks to go until the biggest race of my life – I got ill.

I’m currently 10 days into the flu, and constantly thinking about getting out and running because I feel like I’m losing all my hard work up until now. This isn’t the general man flu – I passed out and hit a few things on the way down leaving me cut and bruised. I’m getting better, but still feel light headed which is really annoying as I feel I’m almost ready to lace up again!

Unfortunately due to this illness, I missed a parkrun club takeover, my running club Christmas party and a trail run. I felt so sorry for myself =(

How is everyone else? Anyone else caught a winter bug that has messed up your training? Let me know how you guys are getting on and the best way for me to finish my recovery!

Wrap up warm kids, have a great Christmas
Lego x


Stars Are Ours

23 miles this week in 3 runs. 90 miles in the last 30 days. In my head, I’m really ramping up my training. I still have yet to pass 13 miles on a single run, and plan to jump this up after Christmas, but I’m pretty happy with my intensity and volume. I have a few niggles, most likely arising from this increased workload, but I intend to take a full week off around the festive period to rest up fully and come back stronger.

My times are coming down, and anything up to 8 miles at around 9min/m is very comfortable right now. Which is good! I just need to increase the distance.

I haven’t been out in my Tempos since Wednesday, but may pop out tomorrow for a bit, or Monday failing that. I currently run in Asics Gel Virage – which are a couple of years old but I never really used them for running until September. They’re a very good fit and style for myself, but can rub slightly on 10+ mile distances. I might need to go up 1/2 a size, but hopefully the gait specialists will advise me on this!

Next week is our club takeover at Parkrun, so I get to marshall for the first time!

That’s all I have right now. Feel free to ask questions or anything else you’d like me to post on!

Keep running,
Lego x

Tempo, Tempo, Don’t Make A Sound

After my huge 85 mile month in November, and with London marathon coming up, I do need to start looking for a pair of shoes to get me through this long endurance race.

I was flicking through eBay and saw a brand new pair of Adidas Adizero Tempo 6 – a racing flat, but at £15 from £99, that’s a bargain in my book!!


So today I went out for my first run in these. Pulled off my fastest mile in 7:45 and completed an 8 mile run. Too much too soon? Possibly. My left arch was rather painful after I took them off, but a few hours later is ok. I can only imagine that’s due to the racing flat nature of the shoes over my normal Asics stability go-to runner. They are very comfy, true to size with lots of room in the toe box and a nice width for me. I’m going to give them a few days off while I make sure my foot is ok and go back to Asics, and break them in with smaller runs. I did read that as a racing shoe, they feel better the faster you go. Which sounds odd, but actually felt good as I increased speed. Maybe not my marathon shoe right now, but a good sub 10km racer!

Looking forward to Saturday where I’m off for 10 miles with some club runners, and hopefully getting fitted for some shoes. I am keeping an eye on some Tempo 5’s just in case 😉

Run safe,
Lego x

Proud Mary

Ok, I’m finally going to try and catch you guys up on everything since August…

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I got into London Marathon 2014!! I absolutely can’t wait and fully understand how lucky I am to get into this magnificent race, in the ballot, on only my second attempt. Training is going well, but it’s going to get tough.

Part of the initial training was entering a LOT (for me) of races over the last couple of months, a team relay event, 2 x 10km’s and a half marathon. Now, I’m pretty comfortable with 10km, and also hills – which helped considering the second of the two is a hilly beast, with an initial slope after 2km, and 2 monsters at around 5km and 7km. Typically, the harder of the 2 was faster for me, and I now carry a 53:46 10k PB!

The week after was Ipswich Half  Marathon. I ended up being talked into this one and fully intended just to get round due to Constitution Hill. It. Is. BIG! And you take it twice. It’s long, steep, on a bend, and there are two levels – so just as you think it flattens, it actually drags longer! Couple this with the last 3 miles in the park, which is all over the place in terms of elevation, and you have a very challenging half marathon.

My only half so far was Silverstone. A perfectly flat course ran in March, and was a joy to be part of. But I was complacent and thought a 15km training run was enough – which it wasn’t – and I ended up cramping and walk/run the last 5 miles finishing in 2:24. It was tough, but I though to myself ‘never again’. Then I joined a running club.

Back to Ipswich, and I finished in a stunning 2:05 – 19 minutes quicker than a flat course, but just shows how much the running club has benefitted me.

Everyone is amazing and many have offered to come marathon training with me, which is helpful not only for distance, but also for experience as they are either in also or have run in previous years. Speaking of which, one of the senior women offered to go with me for a 7m training run a few days ago. We finished in 1:01. Bear in mind this is TRAINING – we crossed 5m in 43min (my race pb is 44:30) and 10km in 53:20 (30seconds quicker than race pb) which I’m really pleased about and fell great about coming so far.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and today I had my last run of my 20’s, and also of November, finishing on over 85miles for the month. it’s been a great one, and I’m sure will only get better.

I’m on the lookout for marathon shoes now, maybe I’ll do a review or something. Is there anything else you guys want to see or hear about? Let me know, I’d love to help those in a similar situation if I can, and continue my blogging journey to the London Marathon.

Until then,
Lego x


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Another post! Wow. Hopefully I’m getting back into the swing of this because I do enjoy blogging!

I’m hoping that I won’t be another magazine writer, with the perfect in’s and out’s of running. Because I’m not. I’d like to think that I can help Joe Average. I’m not the fastest or winning things. But I am doing well and I’d like to share my experience, enjoyment, and possibly advice with you all!

So far this month, I’m about 6 miles short of my highest mileage month since I began running which stands at 69 miles. Which isn’t a lot but for my little legs, it’s a bloody good achievement.

I’m really enjoying running at the moment. I have found a fantastic club in Essex, good training partners and friends, and found my feet in long distance running! Just look at the joy on my face!


I’m getting a nice collection of medals and race numbers too, and I think I’m even done for the year! Onto March now where I have 3 big races booked, and the small matter of London Marathon!

Until next time,
Lego x

Further Away

Wow…it’s been a while right?! 3 months by my count, and a lot has happened!

I went mad on races – 10k’s, 5mile, 10mile and half-marathons – and I’m smashing PB’s like crazy!

Ipswich is a very hilly half marathon, with a monster hill. Twice. I managed to not walk, and take 19minutes off my previous half time. I managed to run 5 miles in 44minutes, and the crazy thing is my 10mile race split at 5 miles was quicker than a 5 mile race!!

Oh, and the small news of getting accepted to run Virgin London Marathon 2014!! So at least the training has begun!

I’ve also entered Silverstone half again – where I hope to break 2 hours – Essex 20, and will enter Colchester half, which are all consecutive weeks with a 4 week gap to London. It’ll be tough, but by then my training intensity should be nice and high.

I bought some new running shoes, but they didn’t work out so they went back. I’m a huge Asics fan, but I really like the look and idea of Adidas. The Supernova Sequence didn’t work, but I am considering the Tempo 6 or Adios 2….

Lots of other news to catch up on, including running minimal and possibly some race reports for those above. But it’s getting late and I have to get back into the swing of this.

How can I make money from blogging?!!? Haha!

Take it easy runners,
Lego x

Run To The Hills

OMG. 15km. 9.35miles done along a bright and breezy Essex seafront.


Tough, but I’m definitely feeling it now, but I feel so much fitter for all these hill intervals too.

6 miles trail run through the woods tomorrow, and hills Monday, I think I’ll pay for these miles soon :S

Where’s my recovery shake!